Frequently Asked Questions


Quick answers to common questions. 


What's the primary reason to do this?

Wearing fine fabrics and custom, well-fitting clothing is a mark of success that's even more personal and powerful than a nice car or a nice home. Many people have those at various levels of success. It's the elite we associate with custom clothing. It's a milestone, the next logical step for men looking to move from success to significance.

How much does a London Street custom suit cost?

Typically, it's no more than what you're paying for off-the-rack. We have beautiful suits in our Essence Collection that begin around $1500, our Gold Collection $2500, and our Signature Collection begins at $4000. The difference in price comes down to the details and the fabrics you choose.

How long does the process take?

From the time we meet to the time of final delivery is four to six weeks.

My wife shops for me. Why should I change?

If your wife loves to shop for you and you're satisfied with what she finds, then maybe this isn't for you. In our experience, wives are both happy and delighted when we take over managing this part of their husband's success.

Can my wife/significant other help make choices?


I am hard to fit. Would this work for me?

Not only will it work for you, it's perfect for you. Off-the-rack clothing tries to fit the man to the clothes. Our process accommodates your individual physique and fits the clothes to the man. If you've never had custom clothing then this may be the first time you experience what it's like to be comfortable and looking good at the same time.

How do I get started?

Schedule a phone call right here. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Is this better than the brands I wear now?

Done right, bespoke and made-to-measure clothing is always better than off-the-rack. It's higher quality fabrics, better fit, and has your personal style stamped on it. It's often no more expensive. Why wear a label everyone else is wearing when you can wear your own label?

Do we have to meet every time I need something?

No. We keep meticulous records that include your measurements and preferences, along with your current wardrobe items. We can make recommendations and place orders without meeting. We've even been known to take an order by text message.

Who isn't this best for?

If you care about wearing a fashion label more than you care about custom fit, or if you enjoy shopping, buying items a la carte to create an outfit, this isn't for you. And of course it's not for men who aren't concerned with quality clothing or their appearance, but we figure those guys aren't reading this page.