"A few people see your house, a few more see your car, but everyone sees your clothes. Invest accordingly."


Edwin Aruldas

Founder, Designer, & Master Clothier

For over twenty years, Edwin has been designing wardrobes of bespoke and tailor-made casual clothing for CEOs, executives, physicians, attorneys, wealth managers, and entrepreneurs. He supports successful men in achieving their best while (and by) looking their best. When he's not traveling, Edwin enjoys spending time with his incredible wife and five rambunctious children.

The London Street team strives for excellence with Edwin's three basic principles in mind.

"A man's wardrobe will help or hinder his success. Clothes speak for us and about us, without words. A man's wardrobe should represent the best about him. It should speak both of what he's already achieved and of what he knows he will achieve."

"Just because a man needs a quality wardrobe doesn't mean he knows how to create it or manage it. That's our job. We must know what they need before they do." 

"Our clients want more than quality clothing. They want personal service, a comfortable experience, and a simple process. Let's give it to them."

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Edwin Aruldas, Founder of London Street & Master Clothier

Edwin Aruldas, Founder of London Street & Master Clothier